Monthly Archives: May 2014

Building Blocks

So we are beginning our building blocks!  And No!  This isn’t about the cute kids ones!  I’ll try and do a lot of this through pictures if I can! Plotting the house, this took about 3 days because someone is pretty particular (and it wasn’t anyone in this picture or over the age of 3) :P.  I hate to out… (more…)

A Dog Day

Well, its a dog day here on the Ranch!   Grandma brought up this cute pup from SD.  He is going to be huge!  An Akbash/Pyrenees crossed with a Border Collie/Blue Heeler (soooo some may say a mutt, but he is exactly what we were looking for), take a look at him.   His name is Turbo (we got him… (more…)